UML Diagrams are great, Event Storming can be better

Drawing UML Diagrams is a great way of getting an understanding for the flow of the software.

But we might be onto something new with stickies! If you want to have a shared understanding of a flow, grab some stickies, pens, a room and your development (scrum) team and start doodling!

Here’s a result of one of our sessions. We just compared a current flow (left) to a new flow (right).


It’s great to get together and get a shared unerstanding of the ‘flow’ of the software.

One way to set up a meeting is to:

  • Just start of with some ‘events’ on stickies as a starting point
  • Put those on the table and let the team figure out the order of events.
  • Make clear everybody is free to add or remove events

Start asking questions:

  • Do we need to change things?
  • Anything we missed? Yes? Please add a sticky!
  • Does everybody understand this current flow?
  • Good addition, can you write that down and add it?
  • What is happening right here, in more detail?

Of course, we did not think of this technique ourselves, this is just building on the work of Ziobrando’s Event Storming, so if you want to know more detailed techniques follow that link! 🙂