Welcome to my personal website. Usually posting some contents from the field of software engineering, occasionally I write about other stuff, or in ducht.

The following is a resume summary, can also be seen at at nl.linkedin.com/in/MelleKoning 

Since 2020: GoLang Software Developer at Sensys Gatso Group Haarlem. Working on several hardware drivers for the traffic enforcement industry: Making traffic safer!

2016-2020: Started as Sr. Software Engineer at Mitek Systems (formally IDChecker). In 2018 took up the role as Staff Software Engineering Manager for the development team in Amsterdam.

2013-2016: Scrum Master and software developer at Travix. Travix is the merger of the Airtrade company I previously worked for (mentioned below) with the Cheaptickets brands.  Lead developer and scrum master of the team that made one multi tenant software platform that was build at Airtrade. Also part of the team that finalized creation of the PCI compliant payment module that enables  the websites to receive direct credit cards payments. Also gave company-wide scrum trainings.

2006-2013: Started as software engineer, became teamlead for the software development servicelayer team at Airtrade Holding BV in the Netherlands. Airtrade is a travel company, selling tickets using shops in the netherlands and (of course) from sites like www.vliegwinkel.nl, www.budgetair.nl but also in germany with www.flugladen.de. Started Agile way of working at Airtrade with the team.

1998-2006: Worked as a software engineer consultant, architect designer for several different companies in the Netherlands via Centric e-Technology. Among those clients were Ministry of VROM, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Forbo, World Online, Sociaal Fonds Bouwnijverheid, Endemol Interactive, Metterwoon, HALT, and others.

1996-1998: Worked as C++ Developer at Ridder Datasystems, Harderwijk, Delphi Pascal Developer at LightHouse Amsterdam, System network administrator at several companies in Amsterdam

See also my nl.linkedin.com/in/MelleKoning page.