The Scrum Master maturity model

A very good blog that does not need much additions can be read here:

The Scrum Master Maturity Model

Please read the above link first. It’s a good summary of the state of Scrum Masters and if you want to know more you can view Angel explaining the Scrum Master maturity model in the video on the QCon website.

The above blog post leaves us with the following thought:

Let’s improve this! We need true Scrum Master to improve our organizations!

Yes we do! On top of that: Our organisation should support us to do so. Support this important role and keep Scrum Master responsible for what you expect them to do. 

Don’t create powerless team-level secretaries to stick post-its and setup jira boards. Define scrum masters big. And you can have big changes. 

When the organisation does not follow up on that the organisation will be left with a set of Scrum Dude’s and the growth of teams and organisation will not happen!