Getting Git right event by Atlassian in Pakhuis de Zwijger

Getting Git right, 2014 March 11

Where: Pakhuis de Zwijger, from 15:00 to 18:30

Sponsor: Atlassian and 42 (a Delft based company)

Went with colleagues: Mario Majčica, Roberto D’Arco, Stergios Maglaras (Magklaras), Melle Koning



After introduction on the Atlassian tooling for git, like Stash, there were two presentations after each other.

Git presenters

Nicola Paolucci: Git for developers presentation. Advices on feature branches, general DVCS (Distributed Version Control System as Git is) and how to properly do feature branches and keep in sync with the mainline.

Sven Peters: Git for team presentation: focus was on the possible workprocess with Git. Should you use gate-keepers for the auto-deploy branch and main, what about interns, how to properly ask for code reviews asynchronously via git and or do team code reviews

Git branching

Question round

Some attendees asked Git technical questions on the Git rebase functionality as that can change even the history of your local git branch etc.

Somebody asked about having binaries of subprojects in git. The answer by presenters was that Git is not meant to be an artifact repository it is a source control system and there are other tools for maintaining an artifact repository (of course pointing to Atlassian Bamboo Artifactory) or .Net has the nuget store for that.

Melle asked the question about what is stated in the book Continuous Delivery – Jezz Humble, David Farley and the statement in that book to prefer feature switches and not do branching at all. The answer by the presenters was that although indeed working on one mainline with feature switches would be real Continuous Integration, the answer by the presenters was that the statement in the book Continuous Delivery is also kind of old school; branching and merging with GIT is not that heavy anymore as with Centralized Source Control systems (CVS), AS LONG AS you properly keep up to date with main. So indeed always regularly pull from main to prevent long-living feature branches!

Further Reading and Git Tutorials

Atlassian put up Git tutorials on the following website