Blokus, Tetris as a boardgame

Everybody who has played Tetris will be pleased to know that there is a boardgame available that really feels like the original game…

Tetris as a boardgame? Oh yes, you will get the same puzzling feeling as the computergame when you play this, as well as being just as frustrating when the 'blocks' do not 'fit' :woest:

I did not know about this boardgame although it did came out as early as 2002, and the Blokus Original (for four players) even won several gaming awards..

But it really reminders of the pc-game by Holobyte (a game that could be played in 2 colours, or 16 if you had a real EGA card in your system!) and that great selling story about that russian mathematician who would have invented the game. What is true about that story anyway? I would not have believed that if it was not for wikipedia.

We (that is, my wife and I) bought Blokus Duo after having a nice online try-out at and we must say: it is just as addictive. Blokus will keep you busy for a while, that's for sure :thumbsup: