Put a system on a pole next to the highway and this is what you’ll see on your mobile…



Place a computer on legs above the #highway and before you know it you will see a message about a speed camera appear right next to you or in the same place. Very crazy, almost magical. #software #testing

Somebody asked if we could see mobile phone use of drivers. In this case it was not about monitoring or fining traffic. Really about testing a new system, test different hardware, radar/frequency, camera, motherboard. And then check whether your software correctly recognizes all the different vehicles passing below (trailers, motorcycles, trucks..). In terms of speed, but also in terms of type, length, width, etc. Plus detection at the right time. It’s already very good. Can always be better. There is also the possibility of monitoring telephone use, then we would have to look “in” the traffic. Here the system looked at outgoing traffic moving away from the system.

if only the passing traffic on the bridge would not honk that much…

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