Advent of Code

A nice way of ending the year is the coding puzzles of Today finally cracked Day 22, but I really had to build the Cube itself to understand what goes on when “walking over the edges” of the cube.

Here are some screenshots about the puzzle of this particular day.. The goal was to walk over the edges of a cube, each edge having 50×50 spots while the layout of the cube was only given as a flat map. The only way to understand how that map was folded into a cube was to build the cube itself from paper, so I did, to understand how the walking went when you fell off the edge of a certain side…

AdventOfCode 2022 day 2: Walking off edge 1 into edge 5 flips the Y coordinate

AdventOfCode 2022 day 22: Walking up from edge 1, ends up into the leftside of edge 6

Then after understanding all the edge-cases, calculating the new X,Y coordinates becomes a secure task, but knowing each edge has 50×50 squares made it doable in the end.

Pushed the code for several puzzles to, but I have’nt managed to finish all of the puzzles. Feel free to provide hints in pull requests :).