A javascript online counter

Just trying a javascript online counter at https://www.mellekoning.nl/counter.html

Sometimes you just need to count things. And remembering where you were when you are counting is tedious, frustrating and error prone. Especially when you accidentilly get distracted you might forgot at what number you were when you were counting.

Therefore: hooray for online counters! Online counters keep track of YOUR counting work. Help YOU out where you need it MOST. That’s what machines are for. To help us COUNT THINGS.

The only thing we need to do ourselves is click a simple button on our keyboards whenever something happens that we want to count.

Want to count birds in your garden? -> You can use this online counter!

Want to count the number of planes crossing over your house? Want to count the number of bikes flying by your window? Want to count the vehicles on the road? The number of times your toddler stands up and stumbles down while you are busy with your laptop? The number of camera angle changes that happen when you watch your favourite sports television program? We have a solution for you, and it’s our online counter! What are you waiting for? Start counting!

Feedback? Want different colours? Other ideas? Let me know!