Its a social event in the sense that it tests your ability to deal
with complex social situations involving differing motivations and
philosophies. As far as I know, this is the *only* widely known game
which does this.

      - David Rush

Nederlandse diplomacy pagina

Summary of games played in the dutch language on the NLDN-diplomacy adjudicator. Including game-rules, rankings, keeping track of all End Of Game statements, explanation of 'how the judge works' etc.

Italy, one of the seven powers
Click on the Diplomacy map on the left

Look at the clickable map for the game of diplomacy, a superb strategical game.
The Variant: double diplomacy page.
Diplomacy archive The Diplomacy Archive by Stephen Agar has the greatest collection of articles about the game of diplomacy.

Diplomacy Magazine: DipPouch

The Diplomatic Pouch is a web-magazine with indepth information about internet-play and strategic information like stalematelines etc.
Download D24.ZIP (MS-DOS-based) to play against a weak computer
jDIP is a java-interface for diplomacy.
Now if you think computer programs can't play diplomacy, than you are very wrong! In the past, Jens Meise has programmed a text-based computerplayer which will happily beat you, (and which I can't find on the net anymore) and the work continues at DAIDE...

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"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"
-- Don Vito Corleone (to Michael).

The question remains why almost only men play Diplomacy. Probably because women think it's just another wargame, but I'm not sure.

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