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Here are some programs I made available for download. If you use one or more of them, please let me know you do!

If you like any of the software, please let me know.

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Logfilter is a program that filters your HTTP-LOGFiles from those lines entered by HTTP-Webserver viruses. I use LogFilter myself for the HTTP Logfiles that are created by the Xitami webserver. My logfilter application filters all logfiles from the lines that are created by viruses like nimda.
This software will probably only be usefull to webmasters who want to analyze their logfiles.  
RSI Breakreminder is an easy to use Anti-RSI program. You can define the maximum time you want to work (for example 3600 seconds) and when that hour is finished, you will be warned to take your five minute break.
This software will be usefull to people who want to prevent RSI to develop and who forget to take a break when they're behind their computer.
Doorbraak/Breakthrough game page

DOORBRAAK (a 7x7 Breakthrough version), is a game to play against your friends on the internet or against the (AI created) PC opponent!

Another game, CONNECT4, to play over the internet below:

Contains J2Diplo.exe - Judge to Diplo parser for diplomacy players.


RISK is a board-wargame and this is my version for the computer of it. I have not put much time in the AI of the computerplayers yet, but please let me know what you think of it, if possible via Email

MAMBAVGA is a DOS-based action game. You steer the snake in the field and have to collect stars and green blocks. Game has similarities with nibbles.

* Pick up PCMAN.ZIP

Pcman is THE pacman game that was also orignally found in game-halls all over the globe. Included in this package is my hacked version

* Pick up

Palette is a program I wrote in 1991 to show my physics class the three basic light-colours (red, green, blue) making up all colours possible in the rainbow. Quick Basic source included in the zip!

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